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About 13 Point Brewing Company

“After talking with a couple of well-known local brewers at a San Diego Beer Week event in 2014, we looked at each other and said, ‘Why aren’t we doing this?’.”

-Bob Frank: President, Co-founder

13 Point Brewing Company was formed in 2016 and opened in 2019 by Bob Frank and Robert Bessone. 13 Point holds the title of first brewery established in the City of Lemon Grove located in Eastern San Diego County.

 The Name

Our name is a loosely based Grateful Dead reference (a 13 pointed lightning bolt bisects the skull on the iconic ‘Steal Your Face’ logo). It quickly became our identity in every sense after moving into Lemon Grove. A town previously devoid of craft beer and hangout spots, Lemon Grove was the perfect home for 13 Point. As the Grateful Dead did, we aim to cultivate a welcoming sense of community in the neighborhood we now reside. 13 Point Brewing Company is a place where friends, family, and neighbors can gather to enjoy local craft beer and live music.

The Brewhouse

Our 7 barrel brewhouse, which can be seen from the tasting room, is where all of the magic happens. With focus on supreme drinkability, our team under the direction of head brewer Robert Bessone is able to artfully craft the delicious, true-to-style beer that we are proud to serve.

The Mission

Passion turned to profession: A journey through which the will to create manifests into a place of craftsmanship, community, and togetherness.

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